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Hakken is back in print! Open for preorders. Will ship from march 7th.

Hakken is Eriks Svetofts second book and his first take on comics – five wordless stories. Intricate, detailed and elaborated compositions of crowded and busy scenes rendered in a totally unique style is the characteristic of Eriks illustrations and drawings.


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Hakken är Erik Svetofts första seriebok. I fem ordlösa historier får vi följa med in i en suggestiv bildvärld präglad av Eriks unika tecknarstil – egenartad, dynamisk, förvrängd och samtidigt fullkomligt lysande!


  • Hakken

    ​by Erik Svetoft


    ISBN: 9789187243097

    Saddle stitch binding with double sided dust jacket

    Klammerhäftad med skyddsomslag

    56 pages/sidor


    Eriks first art book LIMBO was published in 2014.

  • » ... his handle on technique is impressive, his textures building layers of character and personality; unencumbered, without losing dynamism. There's an incredible sense of narrative in some of his illustrations: particularly the interlocking crowd scenes, but more than anything there's a very palpable liveness, a warm viscerality: you're not just looking at a well-drawn picture, you're looking at a happening, something taking place - that feeling, the strand of emotion is present even in more stationary, traditional renderings ...«

    — (blogg)

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