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LIMBO / MONDO / DOMUS Promo package

TO celebrate KOLOSS we are offering Eriks previous book at a package price for a limited time.

Erik Svetoft's debut book is unlike anything else – it's a collection of pictures – an art book – which shows of Eriks unique imagery, style and talent.

Mondo is Erik Svetoft's third book after Limbo (2014) and Hakken (2016). The book is a collection of shorter series with a frame story that binds everything to a visually associative and suggestive whole. Mondo gets under the skin of its reader and stays there forever.

Domus is Erik Svetoft's fourth book. It picks up where Mondo (2017) ended, in the deep, dark forests. Just like in Mondo, there is a frame story – where we can follow the yellow dog's further exploits – which is interleaved with shorter stories and pictures.

LIMBO / MONDO / DOMUS Promo package

  • Limbo

    by Erik Svetoft


    ISBN: 9789187243042
    Sewn soft cover with open binding

    Mjukband med öppen rygg 

    80 pages/sidor


    The books title is printed on stickers, all books are assembled by hand, making each book unique.


    Omslaget till varje bok är unikt, titeln består av klistermärken som monterats för hand.

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